Pay & Get Paid in
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple

Get Ahead Of The Competition

Merchants start accepting Bitcoin and altcoins everyday for better fees, better service and higher reach to customers broadening their target users.

Easiest Way to Get Started

With a simple integration you will have a cryptocurrency gateway up and running in no time. A powerful option at your service with very little effort.

We Provide Competitive Coin Prices

Our system works fast and hard to give you the best deal and maximize your return.

Evergrowing Agile System

Our team of experts located at the heart of London is constantly improving the entire system. Our priority is to address merchant's needs with a "can do" attitude.

Money in Your Bank Account

Get paid in Bitcoin, get your money FIAT deposited in your bank account. Almost anywhere in the world.


Bitpace Services

We grouped our services into 4 main categories to provide the best solution.

Fixed Deposit

Get Payments Instantly with Bitcoin Today

Expand Your Borders

Sell your products or services to anyone, from aynwhere. Let your customers pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Etherium and LiteCoin. You can withdraw your balance in FIAT.

Speed Makes Difference

Payments go through in matter of minutes and you can focus on your business while customers enjoy the value they receive.

No Chargebacks, No Insecurity

Customers can easily make payments while keeping their sensitive information safe. You can forget about fraud or chargeback nightmares. Refunds only done by your choice.

You Can Integrate Payment Page Just The Way You Want It

Develop Your Own

We can provide you all the fields you will need for the payment page so you can create your own with data coming directly from the API.

Get Customised HTML

We can create a customised version of our payment page with your branding for you to import as HTML via API.

Use Our Pre-made Page

We have a generic payment page that you can integrate to try out the service. You can keep using it or make customizations if necessary.

Dynamic Deposit

Simple Way to Deposit Money

24/7 Without A Given Amount

You can get your customers to make deposits to your account anytime, any day, for any amount over minimums defined. Less rules, more freedom, better business.

No Need for Interfaces

No additional page to take action, no countdowns, no extra information to be filled. A dedicated address between you and your customer. A simple action of deposit done instantly.


Payouts in Coins

Remove the Excess

You can enable your customers to collect their balance in coins without hefty restrictions or noise of unwanted bureaucracy. No borders, no extra waiting time.

Don't have to go to Exchange

You don't have to go around looking for a trustable exchange in order to get your customers balance in coins.


Bitcoin as an Investment

Let Us do the Hard Work

You don't have to go an exchange to find the best deal. We bring you the best deals instantly. You only need to decide which coin to buy and how many you want.

Don't Have to Worry About Safety

You can buy or sell coins without worrying about how safe the exchange is or thinking about being exposed in anyway. We cover your safety and privacy.

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